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Every single cell of your body contains DNA. By decoding your DNA for you, GnomikX helps you to unravel this mind-blowing information and accompany you toward a better future.

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Designed and optimized for Indian population, we target 3 diseases.


Type 2 diabetes is a disease characterized by a high level of sugar in the blood.Symptoms for type 2 diabetes is not profound, such as blurry eyesight, increased thirst and frequent urination or fatigue, which usually goes undetected until complications arise. In a long run, diabetes can damage the heart, kidneys and eyes. Type 2 diabetes has a strong link with genetic history, although it also depends upon lifestyle, diet & environmental factors. With our genetic testing, we can predict your predisposition to diabetes and provide guidelines to keep you on track.


Hypertension or high blood pressure is a medical condition in which the blood pressure in the blood vessels is consistently elevated. It is often termed as “silent killer”, since most of the time it has no obvious symptoms but increases the risk or heart disease and stroke. Just like diabetes, hypertension too has a strong connection with genetic history & lifestyle. With our genetic testing, we can predict your predisposition to hypertension and provide guidelines to keep you on track.


Obesity is defined as having an excessive body fat to the extent that it impairs health. Obese people are prone to various other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, miscarriages, stroke or arthritis. Factors that may contribute to weight gain among adults and youth include genetic background & lifestyle. With our genetic testing, we can predict your predisposition to obesity and provide guidelines to keep you on track.



Sample Collection

Place an order to receive your saliva collection kit. You will just need to spit in a tube, following the instructions provided in the kit.


Sample Shipment

Give us a call and our logistics team will be pleased to retrieve your sample.


Lab Processing & Data Analysis

Your DNA is extracted from your saliva, processed and analyzed, using state of the art technologies.


Report Generation

Your report is generated and reviewed by one of our specialist. It is designed to be simple and easy to understand. We will send your report on your personal email or at the address you indicated.


Genetic Counselling

A genetic counselor is available to discuss your DNA analysis report as per your convenience. Our expert team of doctors, physician, fitness trainer and nutritionist will design a customized health program, which you can implement in your daily life.


Whatever We Do. We do With Standards

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All our lab are NGL-certified, guaranteeing the latest equipment for analysis.

Unprecented Tech

The genetic markers have been validated on a large Indian population, therefore our analysis correspond accurately to the genetic makeup common to Indians.

Great team

We only work with professional technicians and doctors, assuring an accurate and strictly followed workflow.

Easy to understand

We make sure our comprehensive reports are easy to understand, so you keep loving us for what we do?


We strongly guarantee that any of the data provided by you will not be shared with any other organization, thus ensuring your privacy.

Pocket Friendly

We continuously strive to provide you accurate results at the most affordable prices.

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We build technology for a better India

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follows Passion.

Winners of the prestigious Business model competition Empresario 2018, organized by E-cell IIT Kharagpur.

We are among the very few teams that have made it to the pre-incubation stage of Nexus, an ongoing incubation programme which is run in collaboration by U.S. Embassy and IC2 Institute of Technology, Texas.

We are the only Indian startup to have been selected for the globally prestigious International Business Model Competition (IBMC), which is co-hosted by Stanford, Harvard and Brigham Universities.

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