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GnomikX Pvt. Ltd.

#1212, Faculty Division 1, BITS Pilani

Vidya Vihar Campus, Pilani (333031)

Rajasthan, India 



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Use Genetics to know what diseases might affect you in the future.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle based on your genes.

We analyze your 

DNA and let you know your risks of getting:


-Heart diseases





Why DHO?

- More than 70% of deaths in India are attributed to DHO.

- India is called the "Diabetes Capital" of the world.

- Once acquired DHO cannot be cured.

The only way out is prevention.

Earlier you know your risks, easier it is to prevent.

Start by taking a simple saliva-based genetic test.

It's just saliva.

No blood. No needles.

Order now, a saliva collection kit will be sent right away.

Just spit in and we will collect it from you.

Your saliva is processed and analyzed in our cutting-edge facility. An easy to understand reports will be then prepared by our genetic expert and serve as a

window to the future

of your health.

Now you know your risks, it's time to start taking steps towards prevention.

You get 3 sessions with our experts.

       Genetic Expert

Genetic experts help you understand your genetic makeup and guide you to make smart health choices based on your genes.

     Nutrition Expert

You get tailor-made nutrition and diet plans designed for you. You will see quick results as these nutrition plans are based on your DNA.

Fitness & Yoga Expert

You also get an exercise routine that consists of postures and asanas that are specially curated to suit your needs.

All this at an unbelievable

price of just ₹ 3000/-





         B- Plan              Competition                   by

      IIT KGP

   India       Finalist


  IBMC-18       USA



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