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GnomikX Pvt. Ltd.

#1212, Faculty Division 1, BITS Pilani

Vidya Vihar Campus, Pilani (333031)

Rajasthan, India 



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A vision of a healthy India

All of us have witnessed the life-threatening impacts of lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Heart disorders & Obesity (DHO). Try to recall the last person in your family who lost their lives to DHO. Just like you, they also thought they are too young to start worrying about DHO. 



As Indians, we misinterpret DHO as something that strikes us at an age of 40-45 and forget that DHO once acquired cannot be cured. The only way out is, on time prevention.


India is already the diabetes capital of the world and more than 70 million Indians die every year because of DHO. As Indians, we need to realize that the need of the hour is to shift our mindset from cure to prevention.


We at GnomikX, through our genetic tests, wants to give every Indian a fair chance to know their risks of acquiring DHO beforehand. Knowing your risks on time and start taking preventive steps is the only thing that can stop you from ending up like millions of other Indians who lost their lives to DHO. 

Be a part of the vision.